YACHTING - Owning a luxury yacht or tall ship is reserved for the ultra-elite, but you can still enjoy chartering a prestigious vessel. Be host to sensational dinner parties or simply sail into the solitude of the sunset. - Find Out More
You can skip the maintenance, time and hefty price tag that comes with private jets, by becoming a fractional jet owner.
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The word luxury conjures up a certain opulence, prestige and lavishness. Luxury travel incorporates all of these features and more and the result is a pleasurable, gratifying and comfortable experience.

There are so many options with traveling luxuriously that the world is just a click away. Luxury Resorts 101 not only gives you information about places to stay, but also yacht charters and fractional aircraft rentals and much more.

Timeshares have become very popular and the result is you can truly get accommodation that encompasses your every need. Whether you are traveling with children, need a romantic getaway or simply a place for utopian solitude you can find it here.

For complete luxury without the hassles you may want to really research fractional ownerships. They are like timeshares and fractional jet ownerships, but are generally very upscale and you own a larger percentage of the property. They generally come with staff, including personal Chefs and housekeeping staff.

Destination resorts are a fantastic way to pamper yourself. You basically pay a hefty membership fee to a private membership club to vacation in use places such as fortified castles, expansive manor homes, grand condos or even converted monasteries.

Luxury hotels in places like the Maldives , Crete and South Africa are truly a cultural experience shrouded with elegance and individual charm. Your every whim is taken care of by experienced staff so you can just sit back and enjoy yourself or go out on adventures to receive gratifying massages upon return.

Villa, apartment and farmhouse rentals, while not as luxurious as manor houses, are a great way to relax in the country unobtrusively, stay in the city in the primest of locations or wine and dine by the pool under the Tuscan sun.

Yacht charters are an experience never to be ever duplicated. Historical tall ships to modern, smaller-scale oceanliners and even the place Frank Sinatra once hung his hat, The Christina O are all yours for the asking. Sail into port in one of these fantastic vessels and host a sensational catered party aboard.

The latest mark of prestige is fractional jet ownership. You and usually 15 other people share the title to your own plane. While it is much cheaper than buying your own aircraft it is still only for the elite.

Whatever you do and wherever you decide to travel remember that it is important to experience things together, while you have your health.