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Multi-million dollar properties

Exclusive membership clubs are all the rage of the rich and famous. Trying to find the ultimate one for your needs is difficult. Even with the high-end prices, the spectacular properties sometimes have lengthy waiting lists. So, if you find one that you absolutely must have, make sure you sign up as quickly as you can and be sure you get your lawyers to look at all of the fine print.

Getting into destination resort opportunities is a step in the right direction if you like castles, city condos, hotel suites or monasteries that offer the best service, amenities and locations. Luxury Resorts 101 has reviewed some of the glamorous destination resort properties that are attainable, and provided information that can't be found elsewhere.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Destination Resort Membership

  1. The multi-million dollar properties are outstanding.
  2. You can choose a length of time you want to use - a week, a month, six months, etc.
  3. Some clubs offer private yachts, private jets and five-star concierge services.
  4. Many clubs allow you to extend your membership to others if you cannot use it.
  5. You will be pampered by personal chefs, registered massage therapists, butlers and even live entertainers.
  6. The food. Five-star resident Cordon Bleu Chefs in many locations means you will eat well and, if necessary, to your dietary requirements. They can also arrange proper catering if you decide to host a gala at your vacation home.
  7. The destination resorts are not exclusively located in hot countries.
  8. The memberships generally have a good refund policy.
  9. Most memberships do not have daily fees.
  10. Excitement - you can stay all over the world in complete and utter luxury.

From Gleneagles, Scotland to the exceptional Villa Marlea in Costa Rica, the properties are dazzling.

Reviews on Luxury Resorts 101 show some of the options available, but there are other sensational destination resort properties that aren't in the brochures. You should contact a property management team directly if you do not see what it is you require. If you have any reviews or photographs of exceptional places, please send them to the .

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