Harbour House, Bahamas

An incredible view from the Great Abaco Club

Destination Resorts
Property - Harbour House , Bahamas
Size - 3,183 square feet
Bedrooms - 4
Bathrooms - 3.5
Capacity - 8 guests
Membership Deposit - $475,000
Percentage Refunded - 100%
Annual Dues - $16,750
Nightly Fees/Additional Charges - $195
Equity Stake - No

With destinations all over the world, concentrating on 'beaches and shores', 'cities', 'golf and leisure' and 'mountains and trails', Distinctive Retreats is the ultimate in destination resort getaways. The average value of the residence you select will be around $2.3 million, including access to club-owned watercraft. Distinctive Retreats is proud to be one of the original Abercrombie & Kent Destination Clubs, marketed under the wildly successful Tanner & Haley Destination Clubs. Tanner & Haley are well known in the circles of the rich and famous and they command perfection to make your dream vacation a reality.

The Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations for club retreats. Imposing estates grace the property of a selected few of the 700 islands found in miles of the bluest, clearest water in the world. The current featured Distinctive Retreats residence in the Bahamas is Harbour House. This quaint, wood paneled paradise is hidden in the Great Abaco Club, which is a private waterfront community situated on the Island of Abaco.

Harbour House is a charming beach house, with a fully equipped kitchen perfect for entertaining and dark wood furnishing among the classic, stylish, interior decor. Modest and practical, Harbour House really feels like home away from home, but with the marvelous view of the harbor and the priceless convenience of the Distinctive Retreat staff tending to your every need.

I would also research Tanner & Haley's other properties before deciding to go the Bahamas route. All of the properties are exquisite and there may be one that catches your eye. Once you have tried one of the destination resort properties you will likely never want to travel any other way.

A less expensive way to enjoy the Bahamas is to set-up a fractional ownership at places such as the Emerald Bay Resort and of course there is always the timeshare route.

There are many things to do while in the Bahamas here are some great highlights:

Bonfire on the Beach Bahamas Style - Freeport, Grand Bahama Buffet dinner with a fire dancer and live band. Running Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, October to April.

The Nassau Shark Adventure Kneel on the floor of the ocean and watch the sharks feed.

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