The Basque Retreat, Telluride, Colorado


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Property – The Basque Retreat, Telluride, Colorado
Size – 5,300 square foot interior, 2,800 square feet of additional multi-level terracing with an outdoor fireplace
Bedrooms – 2 master suites, 2 additional bedrooms
Bathrooms – 4 full baths, 2 half baths
Membership Deposit - Signature Membership for $445,000 (4 weeks guaranteed access included; additional unlimited space available for a nightly charge); Platinum Membership for $725,000 (8 weeks guaranteed access included; additional unlimited space available for a nightly charge)
Percentage Refunded - 80%
Annual Dues - $22,950 for Signature; $36,500 for Platinum
Nightly Fees/Additional Charges - None, until members go beyond the four or eight week of use, after which the fee is $650 per night
Equity Stake - Yes

Solstice is the ultimate in exclusivity with a totality of only 42 full memberships available. Solstice was founded in 2003 and is owner to five homes around the world plus a yacht, with plans to acquire more property. Solstice property locations include Cabo San Lucas, Paris, Napa Valley, St. Barths and one of the most breathtaking settings in Telluride, Colorado in which The Basque Retreat residence majestically stands.

Known for its magnificent alpine surroundings and charming pedestrian town, Telluride is a tightly knit community perfect for a relaxing holiday at a private retreat. Solstice's Basque Retreat is just minutes outside of Telluride in a region called Aldasoro Ranch. Reminiscent of the hill towns of Northern Spain , this palace in the mountains is rugged and romantic, with a clear view of the San Juan Mountain Range from the several terraces and balconies.

Antique furnishings, a gourmet kitchen and special features like an authentic, cast iron, Jacuzzi tub and stone-walled dry sauna make The Basque Retreat an absolute pleasure to share with friends. The conveniences of a washer and dryer, a computer with Internet access and even a barbeque make this getaway vacation a home away from home.

There are black bears in the region so you should be careful in spring and in the fall seasons if you plan to do some hiking. Telluride has a lively summer festival and an average opera house and theatre.

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