Flights to Australia

Costs and considerations of airline flights to Australia

For North Americans, Australia is the ultimate getaway. Not only does it sit on the other side of the world, but it appears to be the perfect counterpart to American flora and fauna: exotic wildlife, a fresh new landscape and a reversal of the seasons. However, Australia is also more accessible than other foreign holiday spots due to a common language and familiar customs.

But whether it's the tropical landscape, the legendary outback, the surfer's paradise or the cosmopolitan offerings that beckon you to Australia, the journey will require a certain level of commitment. The distance, cost and planning that goes into booking air flights to Australia can challenge your budget and your schedule, although there are ways to save money and time as you put your travel plans together. Learn what aspects to consider when booking flights to Australia, and you'll be on your way "down under" in no time -- with more money and energy to spend on touring when you get there.

When are Flights to Australia Cheapest?

The general rule of flight is that the farther the destination, the more you will pay to get there. The cost of flights to Australia is expensive across North America, as it is one of the farthest points to travel to. However, flights from LA to Australia may not cost the same as flights from New York, because there's a good chance each would take you in a different direction around the globe. The same consideration applies when booking flights to the USA from Australia. On the other hand, the longer, more complicated journey is often the most affordable, so if you can spare the extra travel time, consider taking the scenic route.

Of course, there are other variables that influence the cost of air travel. Traveling on weekend days is almost guaranteed to be more expensive than weekday flights, and you must book early, because you won't find any exceptional last-minute deals that are common among North American holiday destinations. The cheapest flights to Australia tend to be in the off season, which is from June to September -- Australian winter. However, Australia boasts a wide and varied climate, and there are plenty of places towards the north that are pleasantly mild through the winter months, not to mention some world-class skiing and snowboarding conditions in the south, if you enjoy the chillier weather.

Choosing Airline Flights to Australia and Within the Country

Another quality that sets Australia apart from other holiday destinations is the sheer space between cities and attractions. Since you are travelling across the world, you most likely want to see more than a single city, and luckily some of Australia's most enjoyable cities to visit are strung along the east coast. Sydney and Melbourne are popular international hubs for their convenient location, their cultural appeal and their luxury hotels, and if you plan to stay on the east coast for the duration of your trip, arriving into either of these will work well for you.

On the other hand, if you aim to work your way around the country, this plan may not be ideal. In fact, having to travel back to Melbourne or Sydney for your flight home can cost you a significant amount of time, and domestic flights in Australia can be pricey, especially across the Outback. This is why it is important to plan out your whole trip before you book, noting your priorities and how to work them in most effectively. Consider Australia's larger airlines, like Qantas, but also check out smaller airlines that could offer cheap flights in Australia with the help of a frequent traveler to the country or a travel agent who is familiar with the many regional airlines.

If you're like most travelers, a trip to Australia is a rare treat rather than a yearly getaway, so make the most of your time there by taking some time now to discover your flight options. This will help you to save money and avoid the pitfalls and complaints of other travelers, which will certainly impact the quality of your holiday.

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