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Fractional Jet Ownership

Own part of a jet or use pay as you go memberships

You've chosen your perfect dream vacation. Now how are you going to get there? Before you hop onto a commercial aircraft with everyone else, take a moment to consider your options. Why fly with a plane full of irritable passengers, when you could navigate your own, personal jet. Not only can you charter the route, but also you can own a fraction of the actual aircraft. Fractional jet ownership allows you the convenience and control of private ownership, but at only a fraction of the cost.

Fractional jet ownership is a concept similar to timeshare condo ownership. The buyer can start with 1/16 th of the jet, for example, for around $400,000 and sign a three to five year contract. You now own a share of the aircraft, so if you were to leave the program, you must sell your share. Owning the base amount of 1/16 th interest in a plane equals approximately 50 hours of flying time a year to wherever you desire. Note that monthly fees of around $15,000 and a fee per flight of around $2,000 are also tacked on to the base upfront cost of fractional jet ownership. It's cheaper than buying your own aircraft and it can often work out to be more cost and time efficient in the end.

Remember that traveling on your own private aircraft means traveling in the ultimate of style and luxury. You can select light, midsize or large cabin aircraft, seating from 6 to 18 passengers and you can select options according to what will best suit your traveling needs. Swivel chairs, a refreshment centre, ample headroom and bag storage area are likely standards to expect on your state-of-the-art jet. The higher-end models can include a living room, master bedroom suite, an office, multiple lavatories, including a shower and flight attendants at your service to help make your travel experience as comfortable as possible. The typical client interested in an arrangement like this has a yearly income of approximately $10 million.

If you are not quite prepared for even the fractional ownership of a jet, consider the alternative of a fractional jet card program for a lower entry point to the world of private aviation. This service works just like a prepaid calling card, it's basically pay as you go. Basically, a company buys fractional shares of aircrafts, and then you buy hours of time from this company in 25-hour amounts. Prices start around $110,000, you can determine your own flight schedule with as little as 10 hours notice and as long as there is a jet available you will get all the same perks as if you were an owner.

One thing to note is that your card has a 1-year expiry date, so all unused flight time after 12-months will be lost. Once you get a taste of private jet travel, you will have a hard time ever going back and many cardholders end up experimenting with direct ownership as a result. The typical customer interested in a fractional jet card program has a yearly income of approximately $2 million.

To complete the package why not also get a fractional ownership of luxury estates and take part in yacht charters.