Fractional Aircraft Ownerships

Share an aircraft

Before the trend of fractional space shuttle ownership takes off, you may want to purchase the next best thing: fractional aircraft ownerships. These shared jets are a fantastic way to travel. Some have bedrooms or conference facilities to meet the needs of the holiday or business traveler.

Fractional jet ownership is a newer idea, created mostly for jet-setting business people to better allow them to manage their time (i.e. by eliminating the hassle of airline schedules). Often people fly in and out in one day, even for long haul flights.

It's most important to get legal advice before purchasing a fractional jet ownership, and not just from any lawyer. It is hard to find lawyers with the right experience, so in this section we'll provide you with some information about where to start looking.

Top 10 Things to Ask Before Getting a Fractional Jet Ownership

  1. Are there pay-per-use fees? Is fuel extra?
  2. Where is the aircraft's home base? What's the policy on last minute travel?
  3. Can you buy more time or rent out your own time?
  4. How many hours in flight do you require?
  5. Do you travel with a group?
  6. Where will you be flying to? Will it be long haul or domestic?
  7. Are you a nervous flyer or claustrophobic? Sometimes private jets seem very small, and can be quite noisy.
  8. Security and confidentiality - have all employees signed a confidentiality agreement and are all staff licensed by a governing body?
  9. Who pays for maintenance and upgrades?
  10. Will you want to conduct business meetings or will you require a bedroom for sleeping?

A fractional jet ownership is the best way to show prestige and wow prospective clients - and at the same time, romancing the love of your life. We have provided reviews of aircraft fractionals including Raytheon Hawkers, Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon, as well as the finest Boeing Business Jet. And we cannot emphasize enough the importance of adequate legal advice before purchase. If you have a review or story to share, please send it to the

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