Gulfstream 500

Fractional jet ownerships for your team

Jet Details
Aircraft - Gulfstream 500
Type - large cabin aircraft
Seats - 14
Cost - contact Netjets for pricing options
Aircraft amenities - telephones, power outlets, data port, and video monitors, fax machine, DVD, CD stereo, headsets, 2 bathrooms, cabin speakers and a full service galley
Flight attendants - 1
Speed - 560 mph
Range - 7,697 Sm
Jet Availability - United States

Flying 50,000 feet up in the air in the long, sleek Gulfstream 500 is the ultimate experience. This jet has the largest person capacity in its class and is a master in comfort and convenience. Fourteen people can sit at ease in this cabin and you can relax in the plush chairs or work away in the business-friendly environment. In addition to the large cabin space, the oversized windows allow the cabin to absorb plenty of sunlight. Passengers can access the baggage compartment at the rear of the plane so if you should need access to your luggage or briefcase while flying, it will not be a problem.

Amenities onboard this jet includes telephones, video monitors, a fax machine and DVD player, 2 bathrooms, 1 with plenty of headroom to stand up in, and a full service galley. You can also expect a flight attendant onboard to cater to your every need.

The price to get into a fractional jet ownership is continuous. You must pay the initial capital investment, plus there are monthly fees that can be in excess of $5000 a month and finally a daily or hourly fee and sometimes fees for staff. Most users fly 300 to 500 hours a year only and the cost is very high, however most people value the convenience and the ability to fly at a moments notice. If you are in the latter part of this group you will want to ensure that your travel needs will be met in terms of availability, last minute departure times, contingency plans and on board business centers. You also want to ensure all staff have all signed non-disclosure agreements if you want to keep things confidential. Some people like the prestige of a private jet and this may not be a concern, in fact it could be an enticement to investors.

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