Raytheon Hawker 800 XP

Seats eight and is perfect for an office in the clouds

Jet Details
Aircraft - Raytheon Hawker 800 XP
Type - midsize cabin aircraft
Seats - 6 to 8
Acquisition cost - $1,581,250
Monthly fee - $15,204
Occupied hourly Fee - $2,776
Aircraft amenities - refreshment area, telephones, power outlets, data port, and video monitors, VHS/DVD player, CD Stereo, headsets, bathroom and cabin speakers
Speed - 500 mph
Range - 2,961 Sm
Jet availability - United States, Europe and the Middle East

To learn that the Raytheon Hawker 800 XP is one of the best business jets on the market is no surprise. This high speed, luxurious, midsize aircraft has everything you are looking for in private jet. One of the perks that make this jet the perfect choice is the freedom to stand up in comfort while roaming around all you wish. The roomy interior is almost like transporting your office up in the air. You can choose either the six or eight seat capacity jet. Either size aircraft gives you ample room to maneuver around inside, with a refreshment centre onboard and also an enclosed lavatory.

In addition to flying in style and comfort, this jet has every amenity to allow you to make the most out of your flight. From telephones, to data ports, to video monitors and a DVD player, this jet is equipped with everything.

The majority of fractional ownerships belong to CEO's of major companies because the need for speedy business transactions takes precidence. There are many things to consider before purchasing one. It's a good idea to find out who you will be sharing the jet with to ensure that your specific travel needs will be met. Also, check the maintenance package for inside the jet to find out who is responsible for internal upgrades, like new chairs, electronics, etc. This information will be on the title, but you should really check this out in advance of all paperwork being signed. Also, if you join a network you may be able to use a different jet in case of a double booking. There are also yacht charters and fractional ownership vacation properties to wow your clients or to be able to wind down after your jet setting lifestyle.

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