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Fractional Ownership

Quarter ownership is the most popular

Congratulations. By finding this page, you have taken the first step towards luxury living. You have decided that a leisure lifestyle is a priority and you are now considering the acquisition of a vacation home. You have reached a level of personal and professional accomplishment that has led you to realize that you deserve to choose from only the most opulent destination options available to only the most exclusive and sophisticated clientele in the world.

You could be destined for fractional ownership of a luxury residence, resort, jet or even an ocean liner. Get all the benefits of full ownership, at a fraction of the cost. You will essentially split the cost of owning valuable real estate in partnership with other owners, possibly friends or relatives, and not just pay for temporary time in a resort. You will have the deed to the property, so it is yours to put a mortgage on, resell to a broker or pass down to family members.

For someone who is interested in a reliable, lavish getaway, who can commit to visiting for an extended period of time perhaps a couple times a year, fractional ownership could be the perfect solution. It just makes sense, with no mortgage, insurance, taxes or upkeep responsibilities to weigh you down. You can go to your oceanfront condo or island resort for as long as you want and you only pay for the time you spend there.

Your part of the deal could start in the $100,000 range and reach up to $200,000 or higher. On top of this, there will be a yearly upkeep fee for complete attention by high-end management companies. The price is nothing compared to a multi-million dollar ski-in/ski-out chalet property, so sharing the cost suddenly seems like an attractive option. You get a high-end resort location, like a slope-side condo in Aspen or an estate that backs onto one of the world's leading golf courses and, as a fractional owner, get all the benefits, but pay much less to get in.

Even if you can easily afford whole ownership, fractional ownership has advantages that are undeniable. This lifestyle choice includes many extra services, such as a concierge and valet, as well as perks such as priority tee times, fitness facilities, pools, saunas and much more that you couldn't count on if you committed to wholly owning a second home.

The most popular share is a quarter share, where the owner has registered title to one-quarter interest in the condo or estate once every month, dividing the cost with 3 others. You can also take part in global vacation exchange clubs where you can still maintain ownership of your unit, while traveling abroad on vacation to other fractional developments.

Relax and enjoy. There is an entire industry behind making your too-good-to-be-true vacation home arrangement a reality. Fractionally owned properties are managed by companies who protect your valuable investment by running and maintaining your residence. These companies will also assist in pre-determining occupancy dates, so the partners each get an equal period of days per year. The third party often leases property from the developer and you, a fractional owner, can sub-lease the unit back.