Fractional Vacation Ownership

Be pampered in luxurious residence clubs

Fractional ownership is all about getting exactly what you want, when you want it. This investment is like buying a second home, so find somewhere that you absolutely love and make your dream come true. Consider your options and take your time to make the right decision.

Woman Holding Sunflowers on Beach in MexicoIf you love a specific activity, many fractionals, often part of as referred to as 'residence clubs', are strategically placed in prime locations where skiing, golf and other favorite recreational pastimes can be enjoyed hassle-free. In ski regions such as Colorado , for example, homes are so highly priced above most budgets, that fractional ownership becomes very practical and often the only option.

The first clubs in the United States appeared near the most exclusive slopes for this reason, first in the west, then spreading further northeast. Golf was following close behind as a popular getaway destination with locations in South Carolina , Hilton Head Island and in various states that have beautiful beaches, like Florida .

Hot resort spots are also popular areas for residence clubs. These world-renowned, luxury getaway regions include the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and Puerto Vallarta . In the market today, fractionals in outstanding locations like Aspen , Lake Tahoe and Whistler, B.C. are among the most sought-after units.

There are many perks that come along with the concept of shared ownership. Owning a fractional is like having your own personal retreat, but with the bonuses that would come with staying in a 5-star resort. Many private residence clubs offer facilities and services such as hotel-style services and on-site spas. With the price of your unit, plus annual fees, you will receive the service of professional hospitality companies, affiliated to major hotels such as the Four Seasons or Starwood who will make your experience 100% hassle free.

Expect the same 5-star facilities and service you would get if you stayed at the Ritz. Be chauffeured to and from the airport, arrive to a fridge full of fresh groceries, enjoy having personalized service when it comes to your dry cleaning, making your dinner reservations and even keeping the place clean. Custom leather furniture, heated floors, marble countertops and fireplaces are the norm. Get comfortable and don't worry about packing up each time because you can leave your things year-round, just like a real home.

Fractional ownership is a concept that has only been around for about 25 years. It's catching on like wildfire and the demand for property is outpacing the supply at a startling rate. The appreciation and resale value of this real estate is extremely hot right now, and there is no sign of this wildly popular trend abating any time soon. As an owner, you will have full control and get even more exclusive amenities than you have ever before experienced in any top-of-the-line resort vacation destination before.

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