Fractional Ownership Reviews

Your luxury vacation home at a fraction of the cost

Fractional ownership properties are the epitome of luxury. The only hard part about having a vacation home is choosing exactly what you want. The first thing to consider is destination, followed by location and then obviously the costs involved.

There are many luxurious fractionals, most of which are completely different than the other properties in the same price bracket. Writing a list of the must-haves should be the first thing you do before even contemplating a purchase.

Top 10 Things You Need To Consider Before Purchasing a Fractional

  1. Who will be sharing it with you?
  2. When can you actually use your luxury vacation home?
  3. What staff will you have with your fractional - personal chefs, housekeeping staff, concierge, etc? (also see if the staff has been bonded and has signed confidentiality agreements)
  4. Do you want to be in the hub of excitement or the solace of seclusion?
  5. What are the hidden costs? Fees for use? Repairs? Staffing? Closing costs? Utilities? Maintenance?
  6. The size of the property - will it accommodate your friends and family? Can you use it for a business retreat - internet options?
  7. What is nearby? Is there a golf course? Drug store? Airport? How far are you from the beach? Is there a place to moor your boat (is the use of a boat included)? Can you go on tours tours from your location?
  8. Can you use other locations?
  9. How long is the commitment period? What is the opt-out clause and will you receive money back from a cancellation?
  10. Is your fractional transferable if something were to happen to you?

The reviews on Luxury Resorts 101 feature actual property locations with specific information about individual properties and residence clubs. These clubs should cater to your every whim, but you must read the fine print when you sign up. Like all vacation accommodations there are differences, and finding the right fractional ownership for your needs is paramount. Don't be persuaded by the sheer look of a place. Functionality, location and comfort should be your priority. These holidays are very expensive and you should be absolutely sure you are getting what you pay for.

If you have been involved with fractional ownerships or other types of luxury accommodation such as destination resorts or luxury hotels, we'd love to hear your thoughts and will post the information in the relevant section. To send us a review, please email the .

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