Portugal Vacation

A golfer's paradise

Fractional Ownership
What - Villa 32
Where - Parque da Floresta , Algarve , Portugal
Bedrooms - Four
Baths - Four
Kitchen - State-of-the-art de Dietrich integrated kitchen appliances, granite countertops, microwave and dishwasher
Property - Fine quality property landscaping, gardens, courtyard
Pools - Private, heated pool
Extras - washing machine, air conditioner, fireplace, balcony, terrace
Details - If you choose to stay in the winter months from October to March, you must use your full month all at once. Otherwise, you have the option of splitting your month in half and using two weeks in mid-season (April to June) and two weeks in high season (July to September).
Price - $ 143,000 in low season (January 1 st to 31 st ), $ 245,800 and higher in high season (April 1 st to 15 th and July 16 th to 31 st )

Imagine waking up every morning to the warm, sandy beaches of Cabanas Velhas, with a bistro bar and a variety of recreational activities right at your front door. The shores of Portugal get more than 300 days of sun a year, so you can't go wrong with the weather. And at Parque da Floresta, you can't go wrong with your partly-owned second home. Villa 32 is part of a new development in Parque da Floresta, right near luxury golf courses and the remarkable sapphire sea.

Inside your stylish resort you will find a fully equipped kitchen, digital satellite TV and a luxuriously furnished interior, to make this vacation the most perfect getaway you could ever imagine. The masterminds behind this newly developed area of luxury villas in the Western Algarve used solid brick, concrete, beams, and pillars to achieve the ultimate in quality construction. Four levels of impeccable architecture will remind you every day what a great decision it was to buy a share of Villa 32.

The Algarve is a magical place where the weather is nice, the people are friendly and the food and wine are at their freshest. Driving in the Algarve and in Portugal can be a little bit chaotic; but with many retired people from all over the world, there are lots of day trips and excursions to many beautiful places so you don't have to drive. From Cultural Lisbon Tours, to Full Day Historical Algarve Tours, Portugal is full of fantastic hidden gems.

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