Luxury Hotel and Resort

Bigger is not necessarily better

Lounging in the lap of luxury is sure to be everyone's dream vacation. Posh rooms, scenic views, attentive staff and fine cuisine are all part of the magical experience when staying at one of the worlds' finest luxury hotels. Whether you head for the South African coast, retreat to a Greek Isle, bask in the Caribbean, or trot off to Europe , you can rest assured that there are top-notch hotels in every nook of the world. Once you know where you want to go, then you can start looking at which hotel features you are most attracted to.

Man and Woman Dining at Luxury Hotel RestaurantLuxury hotels come in all shapes and sizes. You can stay in the most exquisite 200-room hotel or you can go for the quaint 6-room, villa-style accommodation. Most times the smaller the hotel, the more independent and private your stay will be. When vacationing in the Maldives for example, there may only be a few villas on an entire island. Though the accommodation will be out of this world, there may be little selection for restaurants and few staff. If a secluded destination is what you desire, then a hotel in the Maldives may be perfect.

If you want more glitz and glamour then perhaps the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is more your style. With countless rooms and suites, you will be sure to feel the energy of the hotel. Although there are many more rooms than in the Maldives , each room boasts a 5-star standard.

You should also consider the length of your stay when determining which hotel to stay at. Some of the more remote destinations are available in 1-week intervals. The Altamer Resort in Anguilla requires you stay at least 1-week in regular season and 2-weeks over the Christmas break. This is to be expected from villas like the Altamer, that go above and beyond your typical hotel room. With up to 6 bedrooms per villa, a full kitchen and entertainment system, you can easily wish the week away at this location.

Keep in mind that it can often take an entire day to reach these elite destinations, so it would not be worth your while to stay for less than a week, anyway.

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