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Hotel - Dhoni Mighili
Bungalows - 6
Location - Maldives
Bungalow pricing - $7,900 per week during winter season
Bungalow amenities – air-conditioning, Bose sound system, en-suite bathroom, outdoor shower, espresso machine, private bar, dining deck
Hotel amenities - seaplane transfers to and from the airport, restaurant with all-inclusive menu, water sports, spa
Additional info - each bungalow has its own sailboat equipped with an air-conditioned cabin, kitchen, TV, Bose sound system and sundeck

There are some 1,000 odd Maldives islands set in the Indian Ocean, only 100 of which are inhabited. Typically, there is only 1 hotel per island, which means that your vacation will truly be your own little paradise. Peace and quiet is guaranteed when you set out to vacation in the Maldives.

Picturesque waters and a phenomenal array of sea life make this a favorite destination for divers. People also flock to the Maldives for some of the most romantic hotels on the planet. The Dhoni Mighili is perfect for the newlywed couple looking for a tranquil, paradise-like escape - it has an indoor and outdoor spa for some of the most relaxing treatments. With only six bungalows on this island you are sure to have the private and intimate vacation you have always dreamed of.

Each bungalow has exclusive use of its very own Dhoni, which is a 65-foot Maldivian sailing boat equipped with an air-conditioned cabin and sundeck. Set sail at sunset and enjoy a 5-star dinner on deck while watching as the stars emerge. With a king-sized bed and a superbly decorated cabin, each night is like you're drifting out to sea. Between your rustic bungalow and private sailboat, your vacation in the Maldives is certain to be something you will remember for a lifetime. There are also big game fishing charters and scuba diving excursions.

This luxury hotel is one place that does not cater to children. It is an out of the way place, but there is internet hook-up and cell phone coverage. If you are hoping to get married in the Maldives you cannot be legally married but token ceremonies are often performed.

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