Buying Timeshare

Do you like routine or would you rather see the world?

A timeshare may or may not be the right option for you. There are both pros and cons for going the timeshare route. The first area you should tackle is what you want to get out of your vacation. Are you looking to vacation at random? Do you want to escape in solitude or do you want to be in the heart of a city? Once you have an idea of when and where you want to vacation you can better decide if a timeshare is right for you.

If you enjoy going to the same destination every year, then owning a share of a property may pay off in the end. Yearly visits to a luxury resort can become pricey and you always have the feeling that you are staying in someone else's living quarters. You will find it cheaper and more comforting to invest in a timeshare that you can visit year after year.

With a timeshare you know what you are getting into, and are assured the same quality of living with every visit. Timeshares can also be a more desirable option than buying a vacation property outright. Unless you plan to visit your vacation home frequently, a timeshare can be more cost and time efficient because you don't need to burden yourself with the hassles of owning another property. You can also use a lease option.

Tropical Beach Owning a timeshare does limit where you can vacation, and vacationing in the same spot every year can be a turnoff for some. There are arrangements available where you can purchase a timeshare and every so often trade in your property for a new destination - but in general, when you purchase a timeshare you are limited to that location. If you want to invest money but want the freedom to choose your location, perhaps you should consider a vacation destination club.

Another con with timeshares is the mandatory maintenance fee. These fees are paid to the resort or landowner every year to ensure that repairs and general maintenance of the property are kept up. This fee is similar to the condo fee you would pay on your property in the city. The more upscale the property, the higher the fees. These fees can be a hassle because most years there will be very few repairs that need to be made. On the upside, without a maintenance fee you would be responsible for coordinating with the other shareholders for repairs and upkeep.

There is a new trend in buying timeshares on luxury cruiseliners. Sometimes, you only have the opportunity to share in one property or a number of properties in different locations; but with the cruiseliner options you can see many countries at once.

Many people think that taking a timeshare excludes you from knowing what the ground-based tours are, like the ones offered by luxury resorts, and limits your options for things to do outside of your own place. Thanks to the internet you can find and book ground tours regardless of how you vacation. You can still get out for day tours, adventure tours, dinner cruises and shopping trips using local tour companies.

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