Timeshare Rental

An informed approach to timeshare rentals

Timeshare rentals are the first step in taking luxury, affordable vacations into your own hands. As an alternative to buying a vacation home or always looking for a hotel or resort to meet your needs, timeshares can be an excellent, economical way to afford regular vacations in favorite exotic locations.

What is a Timeshare?

A timeshare means either renting or buying the right to use a vacation home or condo for specific portions of the year. Instead of having to plan hotel rentals for your stay each time your family takes a trip, a timeshare rental is a place to stay that is already booked and ready for you when you are.

Rentals allow you to change your vacation spot every year if you'd like, and are also less of a commitment than actually purchasing a vacation home outright, which can allow families to try out a place to confirm that it's a good match. However, timeshare rentals require that you peruse timeshare rental listings and reserve property well in advance of your anticipated vacation date in order to get your dream accommodations.

If you're ready for a bigger commitment, you can also buy a timeshare. This guarantees you yearly access to the timeshare property for the period of time you've purchased, but leaves you with certain responsibilities as well. Timeshare sales are similar to any real estate purchase, and should not be taken on without serious thought.

Don't Get Caught by a Scam

When considering timeshare rental companies, the best way to make sure you're getting what you're paying for is to research the company's reputation. Always read any timeshare rental documents you are expected to sign thoroughly. Confirm that all costs have been discussed and are written out in the contracts. Finally, ask for recommendations from others who have rented or bought through the same company or individual. This also makes sure you're never pressured into signing on the spot because you need to follow up.

Some may think it's a red flag if they hear a company is offering a free timeshare rental, but there are some legitimate freebies occasionally given away to entice possible renters. Some are offered in exchange for an informational presentation. Be sure to read all the conditions of the offer before accepting.

Better Accommodations at a Similar Price

Because most individuals who are looking to rent out their timeshare accommodations are competing with larger vacation sites, many of them offer amenities you wouldn't get at a typical hotel for similar prices. Most timeshare rentals come fully furnished and equipped. For an even more complete experience, many companies also offer all-inclusive timeshare rentals that include meals, beverages, taxes and sometimes activities. This can make renting a timeshare much easier than staying in a hotel, which is most of the lure – a home away from home.

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