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Culture, tradition & privacy

The charm (or perhaps the hassle!) of renting a villa, apartment or farmhouse is that, usually, but not always, once you get the keys, it's all yours and you are left to fend for yourself. Because there is rarely a staff available to tend to your every need (such as with a destination resort, for example), perhaps you will finally get that sense of peace and privacy that you've been craving. Often rented for a 1 week to 6-month family getaway, these properties are also sometimes available for long weekend special occasions such as weddings, conferences, reunions or even photography shoots!

Villas have certainly come a long way since being strictly farmhouse estates for upper class Italians. Today, while the term is largely overused in reference to a variety of homes in general, the basic concept of the villa remains the same. While now located all over the world, they are essentially freestanding country mansions on impressively landscaped properties. They're big, perhaps around 8,000 sq. feet, and can typically accommodate over a dozen people within the restored, characteristically rustic, aged walls. Whether in the form of chateaux, chalet or farmhouse from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean , you can have an unforgettable vacation full of culture and tradition in a magnificent villa.

Renting a luxury apartment is like booking out an extremely large hotel room. Excellent accommodation for everyone from executives on business to family reunions, an apartment is a condensed version of all the comforts of home. Usually with the capacity to accommodate an average of around 5 guests, luxury apartments can be found to rent all over the world, they are often fully furnished, close to popular hot spots and just simply feel more like home than a room at the Hilton ever will.

For the home-on-the-range feeling of a vacation, consider renting a converted farmhouse. Get a real feel for your selected region, in a place like Tuscany or Catalunya, by self-catering your ideal getaway. In a great farmhouse retreat, you will sense the history and culture behind your temporary abode, while getting the experience of a genuine country vacation. Your view is bound to be grand, the silence is precious, and the spaciousness will prove to be the most invaluable factor when dealing with large groups. In certain circumstances, you could even stay on a working farm with animals and the actual family that runs the whole operation.

Tours from villas, apartments and farmhouses are easy enough to join. There is a great company called Viator who only specializes in tours. There are adventure tours, historic and cultural tours and wine tastings plus tours of major cities, etc. that you can book in advance.

Unlike renting a villa or an apartment, a farmhouse vacation is rarely about luxury, but is always about authenticity. If you are looking for luxurious holidays research destination resorts - they are outstanding