Condo Rentals

Things to know about condo rentals

Vacation condo rentals are an impressive way to extract value from your travel budget while trimming holiday expenses. Condo rentals are ideal for large groups of travelers, couples with young children, vacationers with pets or special dietary needs, and people looking for a safe place to store expensive sports or leisure equipment while it's not in use.

What are vacation condo rentals?

Vacation condo rentals are privately owned rental properties that are often nestled into quiet and safe residential neighborhoods. These fully-furnished units come complete with equipped kitchens and all the sheets, towels and linens necessary to provide hotel-like accommodations by the day, week or month. The difference is that visitors are renting the whole house instead of just a hotel bedroom to sleep in – often for about the same price.

Condo rentals by owner often feature more attractive interior décor, since the unit's private owner can buy unique items for their homes that hotels cannot afford to put in every room. It is not unusual to find large-screen televisions, complete entertainment centers, specialty play rooms for children, pool tables, bars, hot tubs, new furniture and appliances, safes and locking garages in vacation condo rentals.

Since each owner is responsible for setting their own terms and conditions, they can choose to allow well-behaved pets into their units, and groups traveling together can often negotiate favorable rates for large groups or extended stays. Condo rentals also help you save money on food, since you can prepare meals in the kitchen rather than dining out morning, noon and night.

Potential Disadvantages of Using Condo Rentals by Owner

The disadvantages of vacation condo rentals mainly revolve around location. Because these very desirable and relatively inexpensive luxury rentals are often just steps away major tourist attractions, competition for space is immense. Conversely, units that remain available, inexpensive and easy to secure are often inconveniently located in a part of town that's nowhere near the sights or attractions.

If you're interested in vacation rental homes, you'll find the best deals and the greatest range of choice if you plan ahead and reserve early. Prices can vary, depending upon the demand and the season, but reservations guarantee that your accommodations will be secured at the agreed-upon rate. It is not unusual to see travelers booking their accommodations 6 to 12 months in advance.

It is easy to find condo rentals online for the next vacation on real estate sites that allow individuals to list their rental offerings. The advertisements include color pictures and lists of property features so that renters know what to expect. 

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