Vacation Rental Homes

Not only limited to Italy & Greece

The most popular destinations that hide away the most ultimate in magnificent, luxury villas, apartments or farmhouses include Italy , France , Greece and the Caribbean . While these areas are teeming with tourists, also consider finding a spectacular property scattered all over the world, including places like Morocco , or Whistler, Canada . The options are limitless.

When selecting a villa, space should never be sacrificed. You should feel like royalty in a well planned out villa, able to find privacy almost everywhere you go. Your elegant home can have anywhere from 1 to 8 bedrooms and average 1 bathroom per bedroom. A classy, designer villa is the ultimate in luxury. Amenities may include air conditioning, ceiling fans, a barbeque, theatre room, multiple TVs and DVD players, computer with Internet, fax machine, Jacuzzi, fireplace, and a wet bar. Service may include staff members such as a maid, butler, chef, gardeners, security, and a laundress.

Couple Standing on Villa StepsLuxury apartments usually offer grand architectural sophistication in metropolitan areas. This doesn't mean that they can't be practical. Whether you deal with a listing agent or directly with a landlord, basic rules still apply. Inquire about rates, the conditions of rental and availability. Some places have a minimum amount of days you can stay and others may have a restricted number of occupants allowed. Before you put down a deposit, ask the owner for references to be familiar with his or her track record.

Your apartment may include 1 to 3 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, a theatre area, a courtyard or terrace, washer/dryer, as well as possible access to tennis courts, a fitness centre, pools and spa facilities. Some buildings supply unique services such as childcare, guided tours, connection to the Internet and organized special event days.

Farmhouses for rent are scattered all around the globe from Tuscany to Sonoma . They can typically sleep around 12 people and are all about cozy comfort and private, rustic culture. Properties can span for acres in all directions, with delightful gardens and even vineyards to sometimes gaze upon. Your farmhouse may include a large dining area, central heating/air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen, a relaxing sunroom, DVD and CD players, rarely a washer and dryer, Victorian-style bedrooms, an on-site guest cottage and connection to the Internet.

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