Holiday in the Balearic Islands

Rental Highlights
Property - Finca Tort, Porto Colom, Mallorca
Type - farmhouse
Bedrooms - 6
Bathrooms - 6
Capacity - 13 guests
Extras - Maid service, private swimming pool, air conditioning/central heating, bathrobes, cook available upon request, personal taxi service available upon request, stainless steel kitchen fittings, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer, juicer, gas oven/hob, pantry, safety deposit box
Pricing - Prices range from around $2,300 per week to around $7,200 per week, depending on the season, and obviously does not including flights.

Realize your dream vacation on Spain 's eastern coast, within the Balearics Islands , in the Mediterranean . With a possible guest count of up to 13 individuals, Finca Tort in Mallorca is the perfect farmhouse to orchestrate a successful vacation.

The second you drive up the winding road through the wrought iron gates, you will know you've made the right choice. Finca Tort stands tall and imposing on the 7-acre property. This ancient 250-year old manor has been lovingly converted into a contemporary country home with all the amenities of a luxury resort, with the quaintness of a cottage retreat.

Once you swing open the solid oak door, the spectacular interior folds out before you. A large foyer area and welcoming dining room area immediately sets the stage for what will promise to be a fulfilling group vacation. After a delectable meal created in the ultra-modern kitchen, move the troops to the drawing room where, between the exposed stone walls, there is something to entertain everyone from the DVD and CD players to the satellite TV.

If you're looking for some time alone, go for a stroll outside the estate, through the citrus trees and gardens, or lounge on the oversized terrace and soak in the sun. After a long day, retreat back to your master bedroom suite with a private en-suite shower room and a magnificent view of the garden.

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