Seychelles Villa Rental

A luxury villa in a remote location

Rental Highlights
Property – Frégate Island Private
Type – villa
Size – 2,000 square feet
Bedrooms – 1
Bathrooms – 2
Extras – outdoor shower surround, soaking tub, DVD/CD-Player and Satellite TV with all surround sound, DVD, book and music library, sunrise coffee service, full breakfast on the Frégate Dining Terrace, or continental breakfast in your villa, afternoon tea service, telephone, fax modem (on request), nightly turn-down service, air conditioning and fan, daily news highlights
Pricing Per villa, per night, for 2 people
For January 11 to December 19, 2005: $2,300 (min. stay of 3 nights)
For December 20, 2005 to January 07, 2006: $2,500 (min. stay of 7 nights)
For January 08, 2006 to December 19, 2006: $2,300 (min. stay of 3 nights)
For January 08, 2006 to December 19, 2006: $2,300 (min. stay of 3 nights)

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Frégate Island is 1 of 115 exotic islands and one of the most remote, untouched places on Earth. With the distinct, thriving ecosystem, which includes some of the world's most endangered species, your visit to Frégate will be a luxury vacation and a precious learning experience.

The Island resort is home to 16 villas, though you will hardly know they're there by the careful architecture that blurs the lines between man-made structure and nature. Certain main rooms in these villas are made of window walls so you can enjoy the intimacy of being one with nature, while reveling in your own personal, private oasis. Built from solid, traditional materials of mahogany and African teak, the villas are covered by densely woven thatched roofs to shade the superbly brilliant interior elements.

Teak and marble command an instantly rich and luxurious ambiance within the villas. The living room is decorated with hand-carved furniture from around the world, like Japanese sculpture and silks from Thailand . The walls are all clear glass and the floor-length white drapes allow you to instantly shelter yourself from the immediate, exotic landscape just outside. Regal, four-poster canopy beds stand tall in the bedrooms beside the French windows, where you can hear the sea gently lapping against the shore. Admire the deep, granite bathtub as you indulge in a warm bath or perhaps a dip in the Jacuzzi would better suit your mood. Maximum privacy is a priority at the villas of Frégate Island and you will truly feel like you've finally found paradise.

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