Tuscany Rental

15th century manor house in a vineyard setting

Rental Highlights
Property – Borgo di Colleoli
Type - apartment
Studio Suite – from $445 per day or from $2,650 per week
1 Bedroom Suite – from $800 per day or from $4,750 per week
2 Bedrooms – from $1,200 per day or from $7,000 per week
3 Bedrooms – from $1,550 per day or from $8,500 per week

Situated right in the heart of a quaint, Tuscan community is Borgo di Colleoli, a restored manor from the 15 th Century, which offers the ultimate in Italian luxury accommodation. The property, located 30 minutes from Pisa airport, has been converted into two areas: a opulent hotel and a typical Italian apartment block to tease the senses into thinking that you are, and always have been, living on a vineyard.

Characteristically Italian features adorn the spacious apartment interiors, such as exposed wooden beams and terracotta flooring. Lovingly called 'the Borgo', this estate exudes authentic historical charm since the Aristocratic Agostini Venerosi Della Seta family took ownership in 1494. To this day, their family crest is still proudly displayed over the main entrance of the Borgo and reminds each guest of the care that has been invested in this property over the years. Each apartment is one-of-a-kind and is luxuriously furnished to reflect the true style and atmosphere of authentic Tuscan life.

The Borgo di Colleoli was awarded a Gold Medal for the Best Italian Development from the Homes Overseas Awards and is rated highly amongst reviewers.

Guests at the Borgo di Colleoli receive their own staff to help with any details required. From Opera tickets to private tours and tastings of wine they can arrange almost anything you desire. Airport transfers and tours of the region are included with your stay. The Borgo Shop has fine gifts like Italian leather shoes, cold pressed olive oil, Gucci handbags and of course vintage wines. There is a chapel on site, but it is not available for services.

Italy is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and is reflected in architecture, art and museums. Michelangelo, Da Vinci were born in Tuscany as was contemporary tenor, Andrea Bocelli. A day trip to Florence is a shopping haven and Michelangelo's art is incredible. Get there early if you want to get into the art galleries in Florence . The waiting lines are long and tiresome. Arrange for a private viewing if at all possible.

There are many diverse tours to take part in when you are in Italy. Some favorite are to places like Assisi and of course there's the infamously scary San Gimignano Torture Museum.

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