Vacation Home Rental

Ask questions before signing on the dotted line

Real estate is hot. Buying and selling seem to be where it's at, driven by prices that just keep going up. To make it worth your while, you've got to be smart about it. Renting, in theory, seems like it would be a silly thing to do. Paying a monthly fee is essentially like giving your money away rather than putting it into equity for a tax break on a mortgage, It all comes down to convenience.

Sometimes the renter can't justify a real estate commitment or perhaps he or she simply doesn't have the cash for a down payment. Whatever the reason, rental properties are by no means becoming obsolete. Right now, around 30% of Americans are renting their living spaces. While this may include basic housing, it also counts some of the most expensive real estate in the world, offered for thousands of dollars per month. This trend extends across the globe in the form of vacation rentals, where the most luxurious and exciting villas, apartments and farmhouses offer supremely exotic, original, alluring retreats.

Renting is easy, which is a very attractive element for the executive vacationer. However, since it can also be very expensive, it is important to avoid making hasty decisions. Remember a few simple tips before committing to your short-term holiday agreement.

Couple Drinking on Villa BalconyFirst things first, know exactly where you want to go. If necessary, seek out the help of a travel agent to isolate specific areas that may have additional attractions in the time that you will be traveling, like a music festival, for example. Don't be drawn to the villa, apartment or farmhouse based only on the accommodation. The region is important, too! You should look at all kinds of day tours and activities before booking exactly what it is you're looking for in a vacation, especially if you are taking the children along. A vacation in a remote area may not be conducive to active children, but if you can find activities where they can mingle with other children it could be a fantastic holiday for them.

When selecting a villa, apartment or farmhouse, do your research on the company behind the deal. Choose one with a good reputation and ideally one that has been referred to you by a friend. Make sure the company has been in business for a few years and never complete the transaction based only on the website, without at least speaking to someone on phone. Request a catalogue by whichever company you choose, as a professional catalog adds credibility to their history and status in the industry. Be careful if you deal directly with the villa, apartment or farmhouse owner because they may sometimes push their property less objectively than a travel agent would, since agents have a variety of possibilities to offer.

Ask every question you can think of. Where exactly is the residence situation? What attractions are in the area? Will someone be at the airport to meet you? Is bedding provided? What are the amenities? Is there a Doctor nearby? Does it have electricity and does it cost extra? If you're traveling in groups of couples, are the bedrooms comparable in size and quality? Knowing all the details will help make your rental experience as great as the fancy travel magazines say it will be. However, if you want fancy try exclusive destination resorts - wow!

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