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Yacht Charter

Solitude and privacy on your schedule

Sun tanning on top of a deck while floating down the Mediterranean sounds like paradise, especially if you can do it in private. Of course, you don't want to share this experience with hundreds of other strangers. If setting sail for your vacation is what tickles your fancy, consider a private yacht charter. An attentive staff, luxurious surroundings and an itinerary that's all your own can become a reality.

The number of companies that offer yacht charters is expanding as the demand for private and elaborate vacations continues to rise. Whether you are drifting through the Greek Isles, honeymooning in the Caribbean or exploring the Arctic , a chartered yacht can go above and beyond all of your expectations. With thousands to choose from it is easy to find a yacht charter that will be perfect for you.

If you enjoy the sea another way to travel in style is to become a fractional owner of a cabin aboard a luxury cruiseliner. It works the same as fractional jet ownerships and property fractional ownerships and is really a great way to relax.

Choose between a motor or sailing yacht and whether you want your boat to be small or large. Smaller yachts measure in at about 70 feet while large yachts can be anywhere from 200 to 300 feet or more. Choosing a smaller yacht would be perfect for you and a guest, while chartering a 300-foot yacht can house up to 36 other guests.

Chartering a yacht is perfect for every occasion. Most yachts have a business centre built in so you can take your well-deserved employees on a working vacation or just escape for some peace and quiet on your own while staying in touch with the office.

Being your own navigator through some of the world's most beautiful waters will be an experience to remember. Planned cruises can become tiresome as you dock in pre-determined locals. On your own yacht, you set the agenda. If you wish to sail the Caribbean and experience what every island has to offer, your wish is your captain's command.

Some people, however, would rather sail through the waters and anchor down far from shore, to take everything in from a distance. Anything is possible. While onboard you will be immersed in beautiful, natural surroundings, immaculate décor, 5-star accommodations and top-of-the-line cuisine. Shape your own destiny onboard some of the finest yachts in the world. Professional and considerate staff will cater to your every want, while the open waters and clear skies will be yours to remember forever.

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