Luxury Yacht Charter

Decide where you want to go & who you want to take with you - the options of hiring a yacht are limitless

There are hundreds of elegant, 5-star yachts around the world available to charter. Finding the right one for you should be a simple process if you know where you want to vacation, for how long and with how many guests.

Popular yachting destinations include the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Greece , the South Pacific, Bahamas , Florida , New England and Alaska . Once you can narrow down where you want to go, then a yacht chartering company will be able to tell you which yachts are available for each destination.

Approaching YachtMost yachts are priced by size and type. Yachts can be classified as under 60 feet, under 100 feet and more than 100 feet. Typically, the smaller the yacht, the less cabins onboard. However, sometimes you can acquire a large yacht with only room for 6, meaning that the cabins are larger and there is more dinning and lounge space. It is a good thing to remember that the larger the yacht, the more crew that is needed to operate the boat. You do not need to count the number of crew when deciding on rooms, because the number of rooms posted is for guests only. As mentioned above, you also need to consider the type of yacht you want to charter. There are sailing, motor and multi-type yachts. Sailing yachts are propelled by sails and motor yachts use big, powerful engines for propulsion. Multi-yachts have both a sailing and motor capacity.

As for what you can expect onboard, most yachts have bedrooms with twin, double or sometimes even a queen bed. Cabins onboard yachts are not as large as bedrooms in a hotel, but can be just as lavish. Often times, the wood paneling and dark interior make for a very elegant setting. Each cabin usually has its own shower and bathroom for your convenience. If you have to share bathrooms, check the layout of the yacht to see where they are in relation to the cabins and also check to see if you will be sharing the bathrooms with the crew.

As for the dinning areas, lounge areas and other amenities, the sky truly is the limit. From 12-person Jacuzzi's on the top deck, to dinning rooms that can seat 200, there is no telling how lavish your ship can be. Most yachts also come with a conference centre on board so you can hold meetings or stay connected to the office. Satellite TV, fax machines and LAN lines are all standard options on most upscale yachts.

There are also fractional cruiseliner cabins for purchase if you like the idea of meeting new people aboard a luxury liner. It runs on the same principles as a luxury property fractional ownership.

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