Yacht Charter Reviews

Charting the waters on your schedule

Yacht charters are lapped in luxury. In the wake of timeshares, fractional ownerships and destination resorts, they are a newer option that really allows you to let loose on the open water. There are luxury liners and tall ships, to make you the envy of all of your friends or perhaps forge team-building skills with your management partners.

Whatever the reason for your interest in yacht charters you are shore to have a very memorable experience.

Top 10 Things to Ask When Chartering a Yacht

  1. What staff will you get? Can you meet the Captain before sailing to ensure he / she is a good fit?
  2. Do you have to pay for fuel, staff wages, food, port fees, generators, tips or anything else?
  3. How many people does it comfortably sleep?
  4. How many people can you have in the ship at one time?
  5. What happens in bad weather and what are the risks? Can you get off the ship in case of emergency?
  6. How many lifeboats and lifejackets?
  7. What is the charted course and what if you want to deviate?
  8. Where will you be boarding and do you have to make alternate arrangements for your return (if ending at another port)?
  9. What 'rooms' in the yacht are for your use?
  10. Will you have proper communication systems on board for telephone calls or internet access?

There are a million other questions you should ask when you charter a yacht or tall ship. If it is a luxury yacht you should find out if the bar is stocked, if all of the amenities are aboard such as hot tubs, toiletries, fitness centers, TVs, etc. Another thing that is important is to find out if there are fishing rods and if you need licenses.

Usually there are many costs above the charter price tag as well, and you really should find out what they all are in advance. Have a lawyer look over the fine print and ensure the yachting company has suitable liability insurance. Safety should be the most important thing you look at when deciding which vessel to choose. You are paying a lot of money for your vacation, so adding a little extra for an independent safety consultant might be advantageous before you step foot on the boat.

If you have chartered any type of yacht, we'd love to receive a review. We will post it on Luxury Resorts 101. Send all of your comments and reviews to the editor@luxuryresorts101.com.

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