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Yacht Details
Name - Alysia
Type - motor yacht
Size - 280 feet
Speed - 17 knots
Price - $840,000 per week
Cabins - 18
Sleeps - 36
Crew - 36
Yacht amenities - dining area, bars, lounge, spa, gym, salon, business and conference centre, LAN hook-up

As the sistership of the Annliesse, the Alysia is truly a superb yacht with a great shipbuilders history. With her luxurious furnishings and superb mechanics you are sure to set sail on one of the finest vessels in the world. The alphamarine vessel was delivered in 2005 and is one of the newest, sought-after yacht charters available, so if you want to book this gem of the sea you should book well in advance.

Fine dining, a temperature and humidity controlled wine cellar and a ravishing interior provide a 5-star experience like no other. You can stay in shape onboard at the fitness centre and then reward yourself at the spa on the lower deck. This state-of-the-art spa includes sauna and steam rooms, a cold plunge pool and even a Jacuzzi. Nothing says relaxation like a spa treatment, with two fully qualified beauticians, while sailing the waters on one of the most lavish yachts in the world.

The master bedroom has a 180-degree panoramic, window and a private deck and marble bathroom. All staterooms are decorated exquisitely and have the technology we are all accustomed to on land, like TVs, CD players, mood lighting. For the mobility-challenged there are elevators on every floor. For longer trips there is 24-hour laundry service available.

Whether you are taking the office with you or just staying in touch, this ship provides you with all the comfort of the office, but none of the hassle. A full business and conference centre onboard allows to carry out full meetings and with LAN hook-ups you can plug-in and reach out to those on shore.

There is room onboard to accommodate 36 passengers plus it has a specialty-built crèche for children. Classic cabins await your guests and each room is equipped with bathroom facilities. This complete package is certain to give you one of the finest, first-class vacations of your life.

If you're looking for prestige this is a beautiful yacht, but the clipper Stad Amsterdam is far more impressive with it's billowy sails. The history behind the Christina O is equally inviting.

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