Luxury Motor Yacht

A newer yacht with old world charm

Yacht Details
Name - Apogee
Type - motor yacht
Size - 205 feet
Speed - 14 knots
Price - $375,000 per week
Cabins - 7
Sleeps - 12
Crew - 17
Built - 2003
Yacht amenities - water sports, fishing equipment, large Jacuzzi, fitness centre, plasma TV, satellite TV, fax machine, high speed Internet

If you are looking for a quiet getaway with your family or a few friends then the Apogee yacht is sure to be the perfect fit. This Italian-built ship is grand in its splendor. The slender body of this 205-foot yacht is gorgeous. Sailing the waters you will be the envy of every passer-by.

It's mahogany interior gives this boat a rich undertone and contributes to its elegant design. While onboard the Apogee, you will want for nothing. From the 12-person Jacuzzi on the top deck, to the plasma TVs in every room, to water sports galore, this ship has it all.

The exquisite facilities include a gym enclosed in glass panels so you can get your daily workout while gazing out to sea. Also, onboard are satellite televisions, a fax machine and high speed Internet so you can stay in touch while escaping the stresses of everyday life. From the Bahamas to the Mediterranean , this ship will take you through the world's most beautiful waters in celebrity style.

The yacht is an Italian Codescasa and was completed in 2003, so this new yacht has sparkling features with impressive technological features while still retaining the nuances that a yacht should have. It doesn't come close to the luxury and elegance of the Christina O , but for half the price of chartering the latter it is still the epitome of prestige.

If cruising on the open seas in complete privacy is your dream vacation then yacht charters are for you, but if you are just as content cruising in a cruiseship you may want to think about cruiseliner cabin fractional ownership. You share a cabin with other owners, book off your times and it works much like the luxury fractional home ownership. There are maintenance fees associated with fractional ownerships and some companies will let you use different cruiseliners so you can experience other majestic parts of the world.

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