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Yacht Details
Name - Christina O
Type - motor yacht
Size - 325 feet
Speed - 16 knots
Price - $559, 650 per week
Cabins - 18
Sleeps - 30
Crew - 36
Built - 1943 by Canadian Vickers
Yacht amenities - pool, fitness centre, massage room, casino, water sports

If you want to sail the waters of the world in ultimate luxury, look no further than this remarkable yacht. Named the Christina O, this is the legendary yacht of Aristotle Onassis. The Christina O has captured the hearts of worlds' rich and famous. The few who have had the pleasure of sailing onboard this fine ship include Sir Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. Cruise the Caribbean or float atop the Mediterranean in 5-star surroundings.

Amenities onboard include a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a fitness centre, massage room and salon, an array of water sports and a casino for those looking for a fun gamble. With 18 stunning cabins and a 36 guest capacity you can have the time of your life on this magnificent ship. A crew of 36 will attend to your every need and make your stay onboard the Christina O one that you won't soon forget.

The staterooms are all named after Greek Islands and there is an amazing, luxurious lapis lazuli fireplace in the Lapis Lounge where fine art adorns the wall including a Renoir. One of Aristotle's shocking items still exists which are barstools covered in whale foreskin. For easy exits a helicopter pad also exists. Claim to fame of Ari's bar is John F. Kennedy's meeting with Sir Winston Churchill in 1957.

The Christina O was built as a Canadian convoy escort in 1943 and Aristotle Onassis spent over 4-million dollars to complete the floating home. The real Christina Onassis kindly donated the ship to the government of Greece where it was finally purchased by a family friend.

There are extra costs associated with chartering a yacht like fuel, harbor dues, tips, generators, food and beverages and things like communication costs. Before you charter a boat make sure you know what all of the fees will be upfront. Generally, staff wages and insurance are covered in your price.

Land excursions can be suggested by the crew of the yacht, but if you know where you are going to be and when you can arrange your own tours quite easily through various tour operators.

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