Clipper Ship

A sensational clipper to charter

Yacht Details
Name - Stad Amsterdam
Type - Sailing / clipper
Size - 250 feet
Speed - 17 knots
Price - $117,500 per week
Cabins - 14
Sleeps - 28
Crew - 25
Built - n/a
Yacht Amenities - each cabin is air-conditioned, with a TV and telephone. There are 2 bars, a shop, a sitting area for 80, a dining room and full conference facilities.

The mere sight of this clipper is breathtaking and as the flagship of the Cutty Sark Tall Ship fleet it is a dream that not many people get to realize. With 29 sails, you will think you are about to set foot on an old pirate's ship, but it is of new construction and was delivered in 2000. It is quite a sight watching the crew hoist and trim the sales manually.

Once onboard, get ready for an adventure as this ship takes you on a trip to remember.

A crew of 25 is needed to set this ship to sail. Once the sails take to the wind there is no limit to where this yacht can take you - however it spends most of its time at sea in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean . This 250-foot yacht has 14 cabins and can sleep 28. Each cabin has 2 twin beds and an en-suite bathroom. There is a large dining and bar area that is decorated to perfection. Large round tables will ensure that you and your guests can sustain a lovely conversation until the wee hours of the morning.

Included in the crew are 2 5-star chefs. You can guarantee that your guests will feast on some of the best cuisine the sea has to offer. If you should choose to mix business with pleasure, there is a full conference centre onboard.

This schooner is perfect for corporate get togethers, teambuilding and there are programs available for management training, etc. Ground Tours can be booked ahead of time or you can ask staff on board for recommendations.

If you can't afford to charter this gem on your own there are many upscale tour companies who charter the ship and then offer tours to fantastic destinations. There are Christmas trips running every year and as long as you don't mind sharing the space with others it is one Christmas you would never forget.

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