Charter a Yacht

Do you want a sailboat or a motorized boat?

Chartering a yacht differs from booking a room in a hotel for the week and there are numerous options to consider. The first two things that you should take into consideration are where you want to go and how many people are coming with you. These factors will decide whether you need to charter a yacht for 2 to intimately float along the Mediterranean, or for a larger gathering of 30 of your closest friends.

Once you know where you want to go and how many people will be onboard, it's important to decide whether you want a sailing or motorized yacht. Sailing yachts typically measure between 20 feet to 100 feet plus. Keep in mind that the bigger the yacht, the more expensive it will be to maintain. Sailing yachts have grand sails that use wind speed to propel you along the water. Motor yachts use mechanical means for propulsion. This type of yacht is more expensive, as you are using large engines and plenty of fuel to operate the vessel. Nowadays, there are yachts on the market that are called 'motor sailing yachts'. These vessels have the ability to use both a motor and a sail for speed.

Charter Yacht Off Tropical CoastThe number of rooms on board a yacht is also something to consider. Some people choose their yacht of preference by the style and grandeur of the boat, whereas others may decide based on the size of the yacht and the number of people that will be onboard. When searching for a yacht, you should narrow down whether you are looking for less than 4 rooms or more than 12 rooms. For large events, perhaps you need capacity for 30, 60 or even 100 plus people.

The cost of chartering a yacht weighs on several factors. One must consider the size of the yacht, the number of crew that is needed to operate it, whether it is a sailing or motorized yacht, the length of time you will be vacationing and, of course, the cost of food and entertainment. The amenities onboard are also very important. Yachts can come complete with pools, fitness centres, conference rooms, ballrooms, water sport facilities, and many more perks to give you the ultimate yachting experience.

In addition to inquiring about ballrooms and boardrooms, make you ask about laundry facilities, luggage per person, electricity wattage, accessibility for disabled or seniors, any regulations pertaining to small children and if you are allowed to bring pets. Also, don't forget to ask about documentation that may be required to travel through international waters.

If you should decide to make yachting your new favorite pastime, then it is a good idea to consider fractional ownership or fractional ownership of a cruiseliner cabin. Buying a yacht can be very costly and unless you plan on living part of the year on the yacht, it will probably not be worth your while. Fractional ownership involves splitting the cost of the yacht with other buyers. These people can be complete strangers or family and friends. Unlike renting or leasing, you and your partners will own the deed to the yacht and can choose to sell your share whenever you wish.

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